Watch LIVE Vinod Kumar Binni (Aap) Aam Aadmi Party, Delhi

Vinod Kumar Binni today pc, Vinod Kumar Binny – Aam Admi Party (AAP) Laxmi Nagar Delhi, Vinod Kumar Binny PC

Highlights of his press conference:

* It’s a fight for the truth

* AAP wasn’t formed to make anybody an MP, MLA or Chief Minister

* The Aam Aadmi Party has broken the promises which it made to the people before election

* Difference between the promises that were made and promises that are being delivered For e.g. water. Up to 700 liters of free water was promised. However, after elections, the government said whoever exceeds the limit, will have to pay entire amount

* AAP’s poll promise on water was a clever play of words

* Second issue was power tariff. The manifesto clearly said power tariff will be cut by 50 per cent.

* 10 lakh, 52 thousand people followed Arvind’s disobedience and did not pay their bills. They were promised bills would be waived off. That has not happened.

* I recommend a referendum from Delhities on the water and electricity issue. Ask people if they feel AAP has fulfilled promises.

* On Jan Lokpal: AAP came into power on December 28. Today it has been 19 days. According to their promise, the law should have been executed.

* It is shameful that it’s being said I’m demanding a Lok Sabha ticket. My name was used to mislead people of Delhi

* He who lied should resign from his position – Be it Arvind Kejriwal or I

* On Danish woman gang-rape: If any other government was in power, AAP would have protested. You should be ashamed. You said you would make a commando force, you haven’t even started discussing it.

* We had told people we wouldn’t take or give support to any political party but discussions were held behind closed doors

* If you have evidence, why aren’t you doing anything against the corrupt? If you don’t have evidence, how did you make these claims earlier?

* Sources tell me, and I know it myself – Sandeep Dikshit is close to Kejriwal

* Congress is guiding decisions that are being taken by AAP

* Earlier, AAP ministers had said they wouldn’t use red beacon cars. All ministers are using cars with VIP numbers

* Immense corruption in distributing tickets, (not money wise) – people’s rights were taken away and given to other people

* I never wanted to contest elections. Arvind called me home and asked me to contest elections and said you will fight from Laxminagar

* It has all been decided – who will contest from where. Why this drama of gathering a thousand signatures and saying that the decision will only be taken thereafter?

* 4-5 people of the party take all the decisions, Arvind gets angry if people don’t agree with him. The party is not democratic

* People like Ashutosh say no place for opportunistic people. I say HE is opportunistic, you joined when the party was already in power.

* I will go on hunger strike on January 27 if party doesn’t fulfill its promises.

* I asked for time with Arvind, I was told, go sit with him in the car after the meeting. What is this attitude?

* Congress guiding AAP decisions

* Sanjay Singh, Kumar Vishwas, Manish Sisodia and Arvind Kejriwal are old friends. They are being dramatic like they’re in a film.

* I am an honest soldier of this party. I will remain in the party as I have worked very hard for the party

* If people say that the issues I have raised are false, I will resign from the MLA post

* No one from BJP, Congress has spoken to me

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