base metal expiry

is the bull run in basemetals still left. looks like yes clear factors 1)crude unable to sustain highs i.e it is not staying on highs on weekly basis on the contrary base metals not sustaining bottoms on weekly basis every fal in base metals is becoming buying opportuinity 2) precious metals not able to hold tops (gold silver)looks like the cycle of base metals has begun in the last two years which clearly has survived the tops .3) most important factor being its revival on expiry.the past three expiries jan feb march (current month)has shown a good bounce in the last week of expiry.this indicates a clear view for the base metals in particular lead zinc and aluminium  for a stronger uptrend.copper has also shown strenght with a recovery of 65inr over a months time.unlike nickel which has made only bottoms.lower tops lower bottoms has not happened in aluminium lead zinc.this clearly indicates the bull run is still left in aluminium lead zinc

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