Gold and Silver can now take U-Turn. Read full levels on ….

Just updated Gold , Silver, Natural Gas, Crude Oil and Base metals levels updated on our site.

We have seen a good down fall in Gold and Silver in past 2 trading sessions. Now it took a U Turn and we can see a sharp reversal in it.



Yesterday… we booked part profit in Gold at around 26250 and full profit around 26200. Gold now trading around 26280

Yesterday low is very crucial for Gold and traders can buy and accumulate Gold

around 26250—26220 with stop loss of 26115 for the upside target of 26450—26600

Fresh selling can initiate only close below 26115 mark

Trade with levels only



Above 36000… will see upside rally till 36800—37500+ mark in days to come

Fresh selling can initiate only close below 35250 mark


In panic will buy.. Stop loss 35250

Trade with levels only with Strict SL

More will be updated soon !!

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Gold and Silver can take U- Turn now read full levels update on our site.


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