Will Gold go up or down today??

We have just updated Gold & Silver Levels (Support / Resistance / Entry / Exit) for the day.


Below 24700… our target was 24620—24550. Just made a low of 24565 and now trading around 24630

Now what to expect???

Below 24550…. will see panic till 24460—24400. Further panic seen only weekly close below 24400 mark else it could test its resistance level of 24780—24850 mark again

Further upside rally seen only close above 24850 mark

Trade with levels only


Support at 33200—32800 and Resistance at 34400

It looks weak on chart and could test its support level of 33200—32800 mark. Further panic seen only close below 32800 mark

Fresh buying can initiate only close above 34400 mark

Close above 34400 will see further upside rally till 34900—35300+ mark

Trade with levels only

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