Imp. levels of MCX for the day –

Gold… support at 25200 and resistance at 25550.
Silver… support at 34800 and resistance at 35600

Copper… support at 327 and resistance at 337—343

Nickel has support at 685 and resistance at 720

Lead has support at 108 and resistance at 112

Zinc… told to sell below 118. Crashed and made a low of 116.30. Target intact 115.50—114.

Aluminium… Support at 99.50 and resistance at 102—103. Close below 99.50 will see vertical crash in it.

Crude oil… Below 2780 will see panic till 2730—2680.
Below $44… target looks $42–$40.50.

Natural gas… hurdle at 186. If not able to breach its resistance then we will expect vertical crash in it.
Trade with levels only… don’t jump to buy metal segment.

Dont’t jump blindly to follow anyone …. just keep this support & resistance level in your mind. Judge others call & then make trade. Be a smart trader not laggard.

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