As expected.. We have seen range bound trading in Gold and we will expect this choppy session remain continue in today’s trading session too

Now what to expect???

Support at 25900 and Resistance at 26200




As expected… We have seen vertical crash in Silver. Below 35500… our target was 34700—34300. It made a low of 34551 mark and now trading around 34800

Now what to expect???

Decisive break and sustain below 34700  will take to 34500—34300 and then to 33800 mark

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Clearly indicated that below 333 we will see panic in Copper till 327—323. Just made a low of 327.80.

Now what to expect???

Still looks weak and could test its support level of 327 and then to 324—323 mark.



Support at 670 and Resistance at 700


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Below 113… our target was 110.50—109.00. It made a low of 109.50 and now trading at 110.50

Now what to expect???

Support at 108.80 and Resistance at 111.50




Told to sell below 118.60 with stop loss of 120.50. Crashed and made a low of 115.70. We booked full profit around 117.00

Now what to expect???

Close below 115.00 will see further panic till 114—113 mark in days to come


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Crude oil

Support at 2670—2640 and resistance at 2800—2860


Natural Gas

Support at 176 and Resistance at 185—193


This level update is part of our Daily levels reports on MCX. Kindly read full levels support & resistance before making any trade.

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