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Support at 109.50 and Resistance 112

Two consecutive closes above 112 will take to 114.50—116 mark else it could test its support level of 109.50


Two consecutive closes below 109.50 will take to 108—107 mark


Three consecutive closes + weekly close below 107 will take to ???



Trade with levels only




Support at 106 and Resistance at 108.50


Two consecutive closes above 108.50 will take to 111—112.50+ mark in days to come


Fresh selling can initiate only close below 106 mark





Support at 103.50 and Resistance at 105.50


Two consecutive closes below 103.50 will take to 102—100.50 mark else it could test its resistance level of 105.50 again


Further upside rally seen only close above 105.50 mark


Close above 105.50 will see further upside rally till 107—108.50+ mark in days to come



Traders can trade with levels only.

More will be updated soon!!


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