NOTED PLEASE : If u trading for your bread and butter, surelly u will loose all…..and if u trading for yr living better surelly u will get it

Future market move on two factors GREED AND FEAR OF LOSS, and these to factor crush all small traders…untill u not get red of from yr FEAR OF LOSS u cant trade succesfully….stop running to behind sure shot..100% and these type bullshit things…why dont understand…this is the only place where STOP LOSS happen…CAN ANYONE USE ANY STOP LOSS FARMING, BUSINESS, SHOPS, FACTORIES, SERVCIES, NO…NEVER so remember the stop loss is an opportunity of this bussiness not an unfortunate,,,if the thing is natural to happen than, why fear from that…MAKING PROFIT IN FUTURE MARKET VERY EASY (just cliking a button or doing phone call) BUT NOT SIMPLE….8193003476

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