MTECHTIPS BANKNIFTY FUT intraday trading analysis 06-10-2015

MTECHTIPS BANKNIFTY FUT intraday trading analysis 06-10-2015
MTECHTIPS banknifty future today closed at 17090 with 200 points loss. 7% open interest addition suggest fresh short creation. banknifty 18000 call options writing is seen. banknifty short term trend and momentum both are bearish and approaching bottom of 17000-16800. banknifty intraday support will be 16900 and 16775. banknifty intraday resistance will be 17200 and 17395. our sell near resistance strategy worked we seen almost 250 points drop from high in intraday. option side, 17500 put options given 150 rupee rally from low. free banknifty future intraday call will be buy banknifty future on decline near supports with strict stop loss for target 17200 and then 17395. free banknifty option intraday call will be buy 16800 call options on decline with stop loss.


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