Read Our highlight Point Out for online Technical analysis Course, For Trading in any market

Welcome to our Course Program >> Time Management – Plan your day! >> Go through each topic carefully, understand them, practice them, and take the quiz to proceed to the next level. >> Global Players are hunting your stop loss. Get an idea which areas are important for stop hunting! >> Do not use Trendlines for entering a trade. Use them to understand the flow of the market! >> Support and Resistance is essential, but a lot of traders do not know how to define a support and resistance level correctly! >> Buyers and sellers In this lecture you will learn, where buyers and sellers are placed! >> Learn how to identify regular and hidden divergences! >> Wicks and Tails In this lecutre you will learn everything about wicks and tails >> Use a candletime indicator and get an idea where the market will go, before the candle closes! >> Learn about the different formations of supply and demand! >> We show you exactly how to draw supply and demand areas! >> It is important to know, who is in control – Buyers or Sellers >> We will show you exactly, how to identify the flow of a trend! >> By using circles you can identify in which mode the market is situated! >> We will show you, how to measure the strength of a trend! >> Market is switching directions and you do not know why? Here is the answer! >> much more… much more…..

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