BUY ALUM ABV 110.10 T 110.50 110.90 OR SELL BLW 109.60 T 109.20 108.80

BUY GOLD ABV 30240 T 30300 30360 OR SELL BLW 30120 T 30060 30000
BUY SILVER ABV 41375 T 41500 41625 OR SELL BLW 41150 T 41025 40900
BUY CRUDE ABV 3350 T 3370 3390 OR SELL BLW 3280 T 3260 3240
BUY COPPER ABV 319 T 320.50 322 OR SELL BLW 317 T 315.50 314
BUY NICKEL ABV 622 T 626 630 OR SELL BLW 619 T 615 611
BUY NATGAS ABV 184 T 185.50 187 OR SELL BLW 181 T 179.50 178
BUY LEAD ABV 116.20 T 116.60 117 OR SELL BLW 115.50 T 115.10 114.70
BUY ZINC ABV 138 T 138.40 138.80 OR SELL BLW 137 T 136.60 136.20
BUY ALUM ABV 110.10 T 110.50 110.90 OR SELL BLW 109.60 T 109.20 108.80
CALL 09724034979 07096510606 09724034939


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