forecast and a short report on Crude Oil

Crude oil found a big down surge on Friday trading session. A fine Up move was changed into a big down fall by the result release of the BRexit from the European union. Sellers were on the profit side in case of Crude Oil. Brent Crude @ 47.50 trading on a fine support line for Intraday frame where the MCX Crude @ 3266 A down side of almost Rs 150 was marked on MCX Crude where the NYMEX Crude fell to $ 3

This down side can be continue further for the handle $46 in NYMEX and 31180 to 31100 for MCX. We expect the price to be covered in next two trading session and if the crude oil gets a pull in the price we can also see a domestic rate cut in the prices of Diesel and Petrol on 30th June 2016 by a variation of  Rs 1.00 to 0.60

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