Stock market TRADING WORK ON PRICE AND TIME two important parameters. Prominent technical indicators like simple or exponential MOVING Averages OR Japanese candles are used TO COORELATE PRICE AND TIME at any live trading market. Be it Equity, commodity, currency or fixed incomes notably short term and long term bonds. AS THE MARKET proceed during live market, the COORELAtion of TIME PRICE BEHAVIOUR CHANGE every passing hour. A BOUNCING MARKET can COLLAPSE AND A COLLAPSED MARKET at any important level give BOUNCE. ITS NOTHING , BUT MATCHING OF TIME plus price COORELAtion at important market level. A TRADER NEED A TOOL TO FIND THIS MATCHING POINT IN LIVE MARKET…. THE TOOL MAY BE ANY Market LEVEL,CANDLEstick, MOVING AVGs, VWAP ETC. UNDERSTANDING , THIS CONCEPT will help you to create confidence and consistency in decision making. LEARN IT,MASTER IT AND THEN THINK TO EARN as professional. ABHISHEK A MCX CERTIFIED COMMODITY PROFESSIONAL WHAT’[email protected]

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