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  2. I am from Chennai and I have an automated buy/sell signal software installed on my system which is 98% accurate. But despite that in over three years of intra- day trading I am in a no-profit, no-loss situation. I have spent nearly Rs.1 lakh in attending share market courses in 3 and 5 star hotels! Suppose I trade from 10 AM to 3 PM, in 5 hours, I get one buy or sell signal every 30 minutes on an average. With a 98% accuracy in signals I still end up making as much losses as profits. Why? In 5 hours of trading if I get say, 10 signals, only one or two signalsC will the entry point as I have learnt in the classes I have attended. But no software as of date tells you the entry point, that is the price as which the trade is to be taken. So only 50% of the trades I take are at entry points. If you have a good research team back-up, one may be able to take 75% accurate entry points but not more. I am an individual trader and I don’t have any research back-up facility. Your enlightened comments are welcome.


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